Why Are Easter Dresses a Big Deal?

Easter is just around the corner, and that usually means it’s time for new fashion! 

Have you ever wondered why Easter Dresses are such a big deal? Well ladies, I know we don’t need an excuse for a new outfit but I’m here to give you one! It’s a tradition! 

That’s right.. For generations families have dressed in their Sunday best for Easter. I’m talking your mom, your moms mom, and even your moms moms mom, most likely donned a beautiful Easter dress. This tradition dates back all the way to ancient times when baptized Christians wore new white clothing to symbolize cleansing. In support of the newly baptized, other Christians wore new clothing to represent “new life”. By the 15th century it was believed that if you didn’t wear new clothes for Easter you would have bad luck. (We don’t need any of that!) 

I also found out that a Traditional Easter, like we know today, wasn’t celebrated in America until after the Civil War. After the war, to bring hope to America; they called Easter Sunday “The Sunday of Joy”. When women would no longer wear dark clothes for mourning but start to dress in more cheerful happy spring colors. 

Today, in this current climate, we can relate to wanting to have joy and to give joy. I hope we all can agree we definitely don’t need any more bad luck in 2021! So ladies, let’s take off the sweats, the leggings, and messy buns and prepare for Easter! America is slowly getting back to normal, let’s give everyone some hope this holiday. Time for bright, happy, spring colors, and beautiful florals to show off our Sunday Best this Easter!


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-Victoria May Wood, Senior Writer

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